About Us

About Us

Randy Poteat has spent over 25 years in the design and construction delivery business working for industrial process manufacturing companies. From the days as a young mechanical engineer to leading business delivery on capital projects for his clients, he experienced a common and growing failure in the process. The clients he worked for consistently struggled with being prepared for the endeavor of seeing their capital projects through to a successful and productive conclusion. Request For Proposals (RFP’s) were seldom adequate, ideas were not completely formed, and project goals and expectations were not often well defined. In addition, nearly all budgets established by a company were ill-formed and oftentimes based on speculation or guesses in lieu of a clear scope, without material quantities, or tested by real market conditions. The result was frequently unmet expectations in the delivery of a project and sadly, blown budgets, missed schedules, and significant impacts on business operations.

Through no fault of their own, companies were simply not fully equipped to prepare and plan adequately or properly for how their projects would get executed. They simply didn’t know what they didn’t know. How could they? Processing companies like yours are in the business of producing and satisfying the needs of your customers, not planning and executing capital projects every day. Yet, it was and remains a necessary aspect of every growing company.

Randy realized that the industry and the services available to support companies in this area were broken and needed to be fixed. What he discovered was that there was no dedicated service provider market for companies that were in the early stages of their capital project planning. Companies didn’t have anywhere to turn for help. Randy understood that in order to reverse the negative outcomes that have plagued so many projects, it was critical to effect change well before companies engage the design and construction services market. At these early stages of planning, decisions are cheap compared to the potential impact months down the road when construction teams are mobilized, the equipment has been purchased, and delays cost money.

What was needed was a team of professionals who understood what was required in the execution and construction of projects to leverage their expertise and knowledge at the earliest phase of planning with companies. This need formed the genesis of what has today become CapEx Planning Group.

We are an assembly of active professionals spanning all discipline areas that have a wealth of experiences to draw from that will benefit your capital project. Our structure allows us to custom fit a team to your specific project needs so you don’t have to pay for extraneous overhead. Our bench of partners is deep and nimble so we can remain responsive to the pressures of your business.

Capex Planning Group was formed in 2019 to be an industry leader and a disruptor to the long-accepted paradigm of capital project delivery. Our focus is completely on providing companies the information, intelligence, and foresight in the areas where they are lacking. We give you the pieces of the capital project puzzle that you need so that you have a clear view of what can be accomplished.

Armed with the right information, we believe you are empowered to make the best business decisions that will result in the greatest positive outcome for all of your capital project endeavors!

CapEx Planning Group operates in three phases of a typical project life-cycle to differing levels of involvement and effect. Of course, the earlier we can partner with you, the greater impact we can have on your eventual project outcomes…

The full suite of capabilities that CapEx Planning Group offers is designed to support you in all areas of advanced planning, project procurement, and management with tailored services to your unique needs.

Whether you’re planning something as simple as a small equipment replacement or as large as a new facility, let us help you realize better project outcomes!

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We are uniquely dedicated to the greatest impact phase of capital project development...yielding substantive positive improvements in project cost, schedule, and overall experience.