Welcome to CapEx Planning Group

CapEx Planning group specializes in front-end planning for capital projects, specifically
focused on industrial process facility environments.

We are a cost-effective, up-front design and construction planning partner that functions to create an improved experience and outcomes for the implementation and installation phase of capital projects.

CapEx Planning Group is founded on these core principles:

  • Most manufacturing companies are reactionary with capital project decisions
  • Most would choose a better way if they had help
  • All would benefit in substantive ways including reduced costs, reduced risk, and overall project experiences if they had the knowledge they were missing to plan better

We offer


Capital Master Planning

Concept Development

Equipment Consulting

Bridging Documents

Partner Selection

Owners Representative

Project Management

Process Manufacturing Advisor

What We Do

1. We prepare and educate our clients for critical business decisions before engaging the equipment/design/construction markets

2. We connect our clients with the right implementation partners in the equipment and/or design-build communities. Processing companies of all sizes are often short-staffed, swamped with internal operational issues, or sometimes inexperienced in understanding and planning capital projects, including estimating the real costs. Our team works with you to identify, select, and administer the implementation companies all while protecting your interest.


What Our Clients Have to Say